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A dream would not be a dream anymore if it is put into action! Founded in late 2007 by three ambitious young men, Chopstick House is blooming in Canton community. Our menu covers a wide selection of the most popular dishes from across China. We use authentic ingredients and sauces that are home-made right here in our kitchens. We pay careful attention to the quality of each dish and to top it off, we pride ourselves in making your meal “fresh, cooked-to- order” in our kitchen. At Chopstick House, we are committed to providing our guests with exceptional dining experience every time they walk through our door. So whether you’re stopping in for a fast bite or have the time to relax and enjoy a cup of jasmine green tea with family and friends, we are the perfect place to cater your needs.

梦想有了行动就成为现实。三个年轻人在2007年底建立筷子楼,从那时开始我们就一直在 坎顿地区为大众提供最好的餐饮体验。我们的厨房用的最正宗的原料和味道,给您提供来 自大江南北的菜肴。我们对菜肴的质量有着严格的把关,而且我们保证食物永远都是新鲜 出锅和原汁原味。 在筷子楼,您的餐饮体验永远是我们服务的目标。 不管您是来这里享受 一场快速的美食经验,还是和家人和朋友一起坐下来谈天聊地,我们筷子楼都会可以满足 您的要求。

Looking for healthy and vegetarian food?
Try the Healthy Food Selections on our menu. You'll love it.

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Mon - Thurs: 11am - 9pm
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3500 N. Lilley Road, Canton, MI 48187

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734-983-9288 or 734-983-9289